Fulfillment and Mailing

Variable Data and Mail Merge
Clients and customers respond more readily to personalized communications.  With Variable Data, you can connect with you customers on an individual basis.  BTC can provide a simple Mail Merge or a more complex variable data match in color, or in black and white.

Variable Data BTC Envelopes & Printing, LLC
BTC can provide fulfillment to any of your projects.  From hand assembly, kitting, piece-work, wafer sealing, shrink wrapping, collating, labeling, multi-piece match, to presort standard mailing, presort 1st class mailing, USPS direct mail, indicia, barcode, and NCOA processing.  BTC has your fulfillment requirements solved.

Fulfillment BTC Envelopes & Printing, LLC
Direct Mail
An important part of your marketing mix should be direct mail marketing.  BTC enables you to focus on the content and strategy of your project, while we take care of the tactical execution of the campaign.
Direct Mail BTC Envelopes & Printing, LLC
Direct Mail BTC Envelopes & Printing, LLC