BTC Envelopes and Envelopes PrintingEnvelopes and Envelope Printing
Envelopes carry your message and can be the first impression makers.  BTC Envelopes & Printing, LLC can supply a variety of standard and custom envelopes printed in one color to full color. Customize your envelope by using special paper stocks, window sizes and positions, seals, closures, or by printing a flat sheet and converting to an envelope.

Envelope Sizes and Styles include:

Commercial Envelopes BTC
Commercial Envelopes
They are the most common style of business envelopes. They're typically used for most correspondence and billing.

Announcement Envelopes BTC
Announcement Envelopes
They have either deep pointed flaps and diagonal seams or deep square flaps with two side seams. They are used for informal mailings, social and commercial announcements.

Catalog and Booklet Envelopes BTC
Catalog and Booklet Envelopes
These envelopes are typically used for catalogs, books, manuals, or larger documents.

Collection Envelopes BTC
Collection Envelopes
These envelopes are typically used for ordering, remittance and charitable applications.

Bank Coin and Specialty Envelopes
Coin, Bank, and Specialty Envelopes
These are small envelopes that each have a unique purpose or function.  They are most commonly used for packing slips, coins, CDs or DVDs.

Office and Professional Envelopes BTC
Office and Professional Envelopes
These specialty envelopes are often designed to mail or hold something outside of your typical document. Ranging from CD Mailers to collections to bubble mailers, there are styles of envelopes for almost any need.

Envelope Seals and Closures include:

Remoistening Seal BTC
Remoistening Seal

A gum seal which is activated by moistening the flap for a permanent seal.

Split Seal BTC
Split Seal
A gum seal which is split into sections and activated by moistening the flap for a permanent seal. This is optimal for storing envelopes in humid conditions.

Flip Stik Seal BTC
Flip-Stik Seal
This latex adhesive is applied on two flap surfaces. It is then folded to keep the flaps separated until sealing. There is no moisture required.

Pres-Stik® Seal BTC
A self-adhering latex adhesive which is applied to two surfaces.  The latex adhesive seals on contact when joined.

Kwik-Tak® BTC
This release tape liner is applied over a resin adhesive. Once the liner is removed, press flap down to seal. There is no moisture required.

Multi-Tak™ BTC
A seal tape closure which can be used for reusable sealing, which can be printed after conversion.

Clasp BTC
A reinforced, double-pronged metal clasp that is for added extra security. Once printed and converted, this will not be run through any additional automated processes.

String & Button BTC
String & Button
Your traditional tie-down closures that are ready for repeat opening or secured sealing.